Keeping Guns Out of Your Workplace in Illinois

In July, Illinois passed legislation permitting the concealed carry of firearms (The Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act, 430 ILCS 66).   Under the legislation, employees with concealed carry gun permits are allowed to bring their guns with them to work unless 1) they work in a location where concealed carry is specifically prohibited under the statute, such as a school or hospital, or 2) they work in a building where the owner has posted a specific 4 inch by 6 inch sign prohibiting guns on the premises.  The Illinois State Police recently released an example of the sign that must be used by building owners in this second situation.  Employers that want to keep guns out of their workplaces and that own the buildings where their workplaces are located should post the approved sign at all entrances.  Employers that do not own the buildings where their workplaces are located should work with the building owners to have the signs posted.  Also, employers need to remember that although they may be able to keep employees from bringing guns into their workplaces by following these steps, the employees are still permitted by the legislation to keep their guns in their vehicles in the employers’ parking lots.

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